The benefits of choosing bamboo furniture

The bamboo tree can already be harvested within 1 to 5 years since the tree was planted. If you compare it to an oak tree, it takes up to 40-50 years before they are ready to be harvested. Also, bamboo does not require replanting, after it is harvested it will grow a new shoot from the existing root.

Bamboo trees can grow everywhere and on top that, it grows incredibly fast without the help of either fertilizers or plant protection products. It can grow from 20cm to 1 meter per day, depending on the species and surroundings. In the tropical or subtropical parts of the world, it grows 1 meter a day.

Extend the life of your bamboo furniture

Bamboo is an incredibly durable material and harder than traditional wood types. They are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Because bamboo is a natural material, it requires care in order to preserve its beautiful colour and textures.

Untreated bamboo furniture used outdoors will eventually be marked by natural dirt, which can lead to the beautiful yellowish natural colour of bamboo taking on a grey coating. Due to this, we recommend that you wash the furniture before every season and a few times during.