Waterproof Walls & Windows

As soon as summer is over, do a round around the house and check for any cracks in the walls. Grab a ladder and go over every little detail of your ceiling before the rain starts to pour. Water can easily seep through the ceiling and ruin furniture like your beds and sofa sets.

You can use lacquer or white cement and seal any cracks in the walls and ceilings to avoid damaging your home interiors. Your water worries don’t end there. Water can sometimes enter through your windows even though they are shut. If you notice this happening, you can insulate the windows with a rubber lining to stop the rain from leaking into your home

Avoid Flooding the Floor

Wooden flooring needs extra care during monsoons due to high moisture levels in the atmosphere. Do not polish the floor with varnish as the moisture will prevent it from drying. You can wipe the floor with a dry cloth and spread silica gel across the floor to avoid any swelling in the wood.

Camphor and naphthalene balls are excellent moisture absorbers as well. Expensive carpets and rugs are also important aspects of interior décor. Roll them up and replace them with quick-drying mats to avoid ruining them. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity and any wiring exposed to rain can prove to be fatal. Unattended wires and uninsulated cords need to be covered immediately to prevent short-circuiting your power supply during monsoons.