Designed by Norm Architects

Designed by Norm Architects, The Kinfolk Gallery is a collaborative, multifunctional space in the heart of Copenhagen where our friends and partners come together to share ideas and showcase their work. Co-created in partnership with some of the world’s leading interiors brands, The Kinfolk Gallery is available to host a variety of events, such as art exhibitions, visiting pop-up shops, guest lectures, fashion showings, workshops, dinner gatherings and photo shoots.

To break away from the experience of regular office spaces the reception area is designed to be more like a dining or living room with a huge round table in the middle and shelving on the wall. The space become much more welcoming in this way and can also be used for gatherings and group meetings. The office part of the space is arranged with bespoke tables that we designed with inspiration from Japanese architectural construction principles.

Ouur brands

All the bespoke wooden elements in the space are made from Dinesen oak and give a natural warmth to the space. The combination of the stringent tables, the earthy walls, the original wooden moulding, soft sand colored draping and contemporary design pieces, creates a elegant, sophisticated and crisp workplace that in our opinion fits well with the Kinfolk and Ouur brands. Culture, history, Scandinavia, Japan and modernism fused in a subtle, understated way that fits the cultivated sensibility of the people working there and the young creatives that are their audience and collaborators.

The project has been a co-creation with a lot of brands, which has been both challenging and fun. Among these are are the Danish design company Paustian that produced the tables that we designed bespoke for this project with wood by Dinesen. In addition, the space also features a smoaked oak kitchen designed by Norm Architects for Reform.